September 2023

Workshop Blog 25/09/23

Hello fellow constructors of worlds and weavers of dreams.   This week at the YMCA we had an excellent and vibrant batch of readings and feedback. With 17 present, including three whom we have missed dearly, Anuja, Bianca and Mike; Gill (not Jill as I previously stated), Claire, Fern and Liam who all appeared on […]

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Workshop Blog 18/9/23

Hi everybody peeps.   First a piece of bad news. Steve’s (long-suffering) good lady wife Karen tripped on a kerb and broke her jaw as well as suffering other facial and bodily injuries. (She assures us it wasn’t Steve.) Anyway, Karen is back from hospital and being taken care of by young Steve, which is

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Workshop Blog 11/09/23

Hello everyone.   This week there were twelve of us at the first of this term’s sessions in the YMCA Plas Newydd centre, including three first-timers. Everyone was quite subdued and there wasn’t even a bun-fight over the chocolate biscuits. So polite and orderly.   Richard opened proceedings with the beginning of his children’s novel

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Workshop Blog 4/9/23

Hi everyone, and welcome to my first report-back of the term.   Who just said ‘you’re welcome to it, mate’? Perhaps we can maintain some decorum from now on. Anyway, I wanted to mention that a number of our regular attendees had to apologise for non-attendance owing to illness, being away on a late holiday,

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