Workshop Blog 12/02/24

I remember speaking with three other proud new fathers at a baby clinic. All had sons and the first said his son was named David, because he was born on St David’s Day. The second’s baby was named Patrick, because he was born on St Patrick’s Day. I asked the third what his son was […]

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Workshop Blog 29/01/24

Hi everyone. An interesting and varied ZOOM session yesterday. With nine people on the call we had nine readings from eight members. This remarkable situation was achieved by Jeff reading twice. But first up was Stephanie, as she had to leave early. Her poem – Being – had great imagery and used in-line rhymes as

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Workshop Blog 15/01/24

Another good day to you all. I’m including a revised calendar up until the Easter break, as it has been decided to put the AGM back until Monday March 25th at the YMCA. We shall announce the revised poetry competition schedule very soon. Also, please don’t forget Laura’s book launch at Waterstones Cardiff, evening of 15th Feb,

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Workshop Blog 8/1/24

Hi everyone. Hope you are all fully recovered from the celebrations of Christmas, new year, and the return of flooding, ice and snow. Over the break I met an expert farmer. She was outstanding in her field. Her name was Susan Tickel and she concentrated on those certain substances so beloved of students, Rastafarians, and

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Workshop Blog 11/12/23

Hi everyone. This Monday we had our Christmas party and 500-word competition. There were 11 of us present but Sharif hadn’t brought a jolly Xmas tale to brighten our spirits so didn’t read out an entry for the competition. In order of appearance, we heard from; Jeff, Ian (dressed as Father Christmas but he didn’t

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Workshop Blog 4/12/23

Hi everyone. This week we had our flash fiction competition adjudication, by the uber-talented Emily Garside. There were 11 present including Emily and Sam, a first-timer. EG chatted freely with the members about her own writing path and explained what she was looking for – mainly to be surprised by authors, and to find an

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Workshop Blog 27/11/23

To be brief, we had 12 present this week, and Jeff had to commence the session as the chair was late. Feeble excuses later, the session continued. First to read was Angela with the second (and final) part of her short story of which I didn’t catch the title. It involved a re-enactment of a

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Workshop Blog 20/11/23

Report on the last ZOOM call this side of Christmas (or 15th January in fact). Yes, this week we held our final ZOOM call until the third Monday in January. This is partly owing to the fact that Emily Garside is providing our flash fiction adjudication on 4th December which would otherwise have been via

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