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Workshop Blog 22/05/23

The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray… now hold on a minute. Why is the moon mainly referred to as ‘she’ and the sun as ‘he’? Traditionally sun gods have been more aggressive and destructive than their moon goddess counterparts, so perhaps that’s the reason? Men are hot-headed, fiery and destructive

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Cardiff 75 Anthology – Praise & Reviews

“A big box of marvels, abuzz with distinctive voices and vivid tales. This is dazzling testament to the ability of Creative Writing groups to energise and inspire.” – Alan Bilton @ABiltonAuthor “In celebration of Cardiff Writers’ Circle’s 75th anniversary comes this bright green anthology, full of life and energy, showcasing the output of various members

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Showtime? by Steve Pritchard

  The following piece was runner-up in Cardiff Writers’ Circle Article Competition 2022. It is offered here because in casting its cold eye, or certainly a luke-warm eye, on one of the Commandments of Creative Writing it may, perhaps, provoke reflection, rage, or indifference.     SHOWTIME? ‘Show don’t tell’   Whenever I hear this

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(Mostly) In Praise of J.K. Rowling

(Mostly) In Praise of J.K. Rowling: The Ink Black Heart Sharif Gemie   Imagine you could write whatever you wanted and it would be published. Imagine no pesky tutors lecturing you about character and voice, no crafty agent or publisher telling you about markets and how it’s a bad time for the book trade. Imagine

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Cardiff 75 upcoming events June/July 22

18th June 2022 Summer Workshop 1 : Plot, Structure and Point of View https://cwcworkshop1.eventbrite.co.uk 25th June 2022 Summer Workshop 2 : Creating Fantasy Worlds https://cwcworkshop2.eventbrite.co.uk 3rd July 2022 Writers Gathering – Gorsedd https://cwcgathering.eventbrite.co.uk 9th July 2022 Summer Workshop 3 : Writing Dream Sequences https://cwcworkshop3.eventbrite.co.uk 16th July 2022 Summer Workshop 4 : Magical Realism https://cwcworkshop4.eventbrite.co.uk 23rd

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A history of Cardiff Writers’ Circle 1947 -2022 by Sharif Gemie

On Sunday 4 May 1947, eleven people met in a small room in Cardiff Technical College. Without any protracted discussion, they decided to constitute themselves as Cardiff Writers’ Circle (CWC). They chose one of their number to chair the meeting, and another as secretary, to take notes, and then four manuscripts were read out and

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