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Workshop Blog 18/03/24

This week on ZOOM we had 13 present. For a short while. But 13 being unlucky in some people’s books it turned out that Graham couldn’t get his microphone working, and despite the amassed intellect, no suggestions worked. So the big G signed off and then we were 12. So our baker’s dozen was down […]

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Workshop Blog 11/03/24

What an adventure we had this Monday. The fabulous Marcelle Newbold was adjudicating our poetry competition and all the works were read out, some by the authors and for authors not present, their works were read by others, including MN herself. One major crease in the ironing was that the chair had missed out one

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Workshop Blog 04/03/24

Hello good evening and welcome. (David Frost, 1962 onward.) This week I have been away for a few days, with some friends celebrating us all having come through various operations and medical treatments, contrary to all expectations and dare I say it spousal hopes and wishes. Life’s little disappointments, eh? The unfortunate upshot of my

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Workshop Blog 26/02/24

Hello one and all. I missed off some beautiful poems with my report of last week’s event, then when I sent them out I neglected to state that they were by Stephanie, our Georgia-based member. Blinking Flip!!! But this time we had another good week with 16 present, and we managed to squeeze seven readers

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Workshop Blog 19/02/24

As the big day draws near, I shall be as brief as I can but not quite as brief as everyone else wants. Thursday last week we had our very own Laura hold her public launch of The Trials of Lila Dalton, which is published by Pushkin Vertigo. She was in conversation with multiple-published Clare

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Workshop Blog 29/01/24

Hi everyone. An interesting and varied ZOOM session yesterday. With nine people on the call we had nine readings from eight members. This remarkable situation was achieved by Jeff reading twice. But first up was Stephanie, as she had to leave early. Her poem – Being – had great imagery and used in-line rhymes as

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Workshop Blog 15/01/24

Another good day to you all. I’m including a revised calendar up until the Easter break, as it has been decided to put the AGM back until Monday March 25th at the YMCA. We shall announce the revised poetry competition schedule very soon. Also, please don’t forget Laura’s book launch at Waterstones Cardiff, evening of 15th Feb,

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