Win Big with Cardiff Writers Circle! By Ian McNaughton


Yes, being a writer can pay off. Forget about searching under your sofa cushions for that hoard of coins that will probably only get spent on a takeaway. Here at Cardiff Writers Circle you can hit the big time with vouchers that are on offer for just writing stuff. It really is that easy. No catches apart from the entry fee which is roughly the cost of a large bag of chips or petrol to get you to your local Chinese. Think big, think book tokens.

Competitions are held throughout the year and adjudicated by local authors who come along and give valuable feedback on your work. So, if you don’t actually win anything on your first try or even your tenth, think about how much healthier you will be.

From short stories to reviews, flash fiction to poetry, there is a genre for everyone.

If you can’t wait until our next one to come up, you may want to try this website.

It has a zillion competitions to enter from all over the world. It will keep you busy and your mind off chips. An Aladdin’s cave of fantastic advice and information.

We wish you luck.



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