Workshop Blog 11/03/24

What an adventure we had this Monday.

The fabulous Marcelle Newbold was adjudicating our poetry competition and all the works were read out, some by the authors and for authors not present, their works were read by others, including MN herself. One major crease in the ironing was that the chair had missed out one poem from the entries sent to MN for her adjudication. This has now been sent and the wonderful Marcelle has agreed to review it and add it to the group comments sheet. If she deems this to have been worthy of any prize then that prize will be so awarded, by the chair. (Daft old sod.)

Besides Marcelle there were thirteen members present, and as a change (for the better) Ian was in the chair. As this adjudication was something Ruth (our secretary) had set up and gained support from Literature Wales for, she was to be in the chair. Regrettably though Ruth had a family bereavement and had to cancel at the last minute, so Ian volunteered to take the chair.

Ian introduced Marcelle and she opened by giving a few general hints and tips on writing poetry for the modern world. Firstly, she suggested to not talk about how we got to where we need to be, but start ‘at the party’ so to speak. ‘Arrive late and leave early’. She then recommended reading the work aloud to yourself when you’ve written it, to see how it sounds. After which, look at all verb choices to see if anything can be made more effective and then to see if any words can be shortened, changed, or even cut out completely. All of her general poetry advice is on her instruction sheet/crib notes attached. MN suggests checking out The Art Of Falling by Kim Moore, who is a great poet and also a marvellous horn player. Also, she recommends Carrie Etter, a great prose poem writer.

Marcelle awarded first prize to Eryl for Armgeuddfa and the two runners-up were Angela with Carer and Stephanie with Love Is A Shade Of Blue. MN was quite effusive with her praise for these three, but also thanked everyone for giving her their fabulous work to read and enjoy. She did say that choosing three from all the entries was really difficult, owing to the extraordinarily high standard. After the awarding of prizes there was a Q&A session which was interesting and quite light-hearted. Finally, Martin (who did not enter the poetry competition) read a new poem of his entitled either Damsel Fly or Painting The Blue Lady. It was lovely and a shame he didn’t enter the competition.

Marcelle’s overall comments will be available when she has concluded her assessment of the additional poem. Probably early next week. Next Monday we are on ZOOM and here are the details for accessing:

Meeting ID:  836 2067 4224


Passcode:  019874

The week after is our AGM, which should take no more than half the session, following which there will be time for readings and feedback. Currently, the only people to have ‘volunteered’ their services are: chair – Jeff Robson, secretary – Ruth Hogger, treasurer – Ian McNaughton. Potential committee members list to be advised hopefully this weekend.

Please check out attachments and Writers Online for competitions here:,N412,ZKHGH,31B0P,1


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