Workshop Blog 11/12/23

Hi everyone.

This Monday we had our Christmas party and 500-word competition. There were 11 of us present but Sharif hadn’t brought a jolly Xmas tale to brighten our spirits so didn’t read out an entry for the competition. In order of appearance, we heard from; Jeff, Ian (dressed as Father Christmas but he didn’t fool anyone), Kim (assisted by Sharif who read part of Kim’s tale in a sort of chant and reply format), Daniel (good to hear DO’D read), Gill, John, Sara, Angela, and Paul.

We then took votes by secret ballot, and the joint runners-up were Ian and John each with 3 votes, and the deserved winner was Angela with 4 votes. Ian’s reading was an adapted Lloyd story switched to be from his father’s perspective. Interesting. But no cigar I’m afraid. Angela is smoking that big one.

We are off until the 8th Jan now, when we shall be back at the YMCA for a regular meeting.

Happy merry joyous new Christmas boxing easter Hannaker Diwali etc (please delete as appropriate).

We’ve all heard of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, mentioned in the song. But I believe we underplay the role of Olive, Rudolph’s cynical and oft-times cruel love interest. As the song says, ‘Olive the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names’. And there is no mention of his best friend Bernard the brown-nosed reindeer, who can fly as fast as Rudolph but just can’t stop as quickly.

I woke up to see a horrible apparition at the foot of my bed. It was huge, square, and wrapped in red paper. It spoke; ‘I am the ghost of Christmas Present.’

Bestest all, until the 8th, P. XXXXXmas.



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