Workshop Blog 22/05/23


The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray… now hold on a minute. Why is the moon mainly referred to as ‘she’ and the sun as ‘he’? Traditionally sun gods have been more aggressive and destructive than their moon goddess counterparts, so perhaps that’s the reason? Men are hot-headed, fiery and destructive whilst women are contemplative, inspirational and calming? Hmmmm. Wish I’d married a woman like that. I married a woman who assured me she was good with money. Didn’t say she meant good at spending mine. But last night demonstrated the differences.

We had 19 present at the YMCA, 11 of whom were boys and eight were girls, including our adjudicator for the poetry competition – the fabulous Clare Potter. (Whoop whoop yay!!!) Clare is a multi-talented artist but mainly a poet and performance poet at that. She is stunning to watch – bringing the stage alive. And if you are ever reading at an open mic or similar event, I would recommend ‘not’ going on after Clare. Everyone will wander off to get a drink or something. But the fandabbydozy Ms CP was oozing compliments for all of our work, of which there were 20 entries from 11 members – seven girls and four boys. To prove the point of women being more in touch with their artistic souls, Clare had insisted there be a winner and three runners-up not two; but all four of these were laydeeeezz.

Lesley won with Swan’s Nest Wentloog Levels, and the runners-up were; Leusa with Punch, Ruth with Come to Bed, and Stephanie with Egret’s Egress. Every one of these was brilliant, so I don’t feel too bad about not winning a prize (again). But a great big thank you to everyone who entered. CP read from all the entries and pointed out what she thought had been done well, and there was a lot of that. A few points of note from the great Ms P were:-

Look at titles carefully. If the title words appear in the poem then probably best to use a difference title to afford more impact to the body of the work.

Don’t always go for centralising your piece on the page. The great Ms P doesn’t like it that way unless there is a reason. This could be something to add impact though.

Pelmanism – the art of remembering things, though I can’t remember why she said this was important, so here is what that organ of massive satisfaction Wikipedia has to say about it: Pelmanism was a system of brain training which was popular in the United Kingdom during the first half of the twentieth century. WikipediaAnd that really sums it up I believe.

Finally, Clare is on Radio Wales (again) with ‘The Poetry of Science’ which is on later in the year. CP has promised to let me know exactly when that will be. Also, she said if you only read/learn/memorise one poem make it The Journey by Mary Oliver (1935 – 2019).

Thank you Clare. Yet another masterclass, or should that be mistressclass? Perhaps someone who knows should set me straight on that, to avoid any future misunderstandings. Also of interest on Monday, we had two first-timers – Laura and James – warm welcome to you both. Please bring something along to our next session, ZOOM or YMCA. Also, our very funny and articulate Alex attended the YMCA for the first time, and he is even better-looking in person than on ZOOM. Well, that’s what all the women and a couple of the guys said anyway.

Saturday we are at Cardiff central library, 3:00 – 4:30, for a readings with Q&A session, so don’t miss out. Tickets available from EventBrite. Then next Monday (29th) we are all off for late Spring Bank Hol. Yippeeeeee!!! Back on June 5th via ZOOM.

And for those who accused me of publishing a per meeting charge of £4 I did not! I’ve just checked and it clearly states that meetings are £3 each and it was for people who become members from Easter to Summer that the membership charge is £4.

Take care everyone. Hope to see you all Saturday and a week Monday on ZOOM.




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