Workshop Blog 3/7/23

What a day today is. Last time I reminded everyone about WWI, the Stonewall riots, and Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ears.


Today I am here to tell you of some more astonishing events. Today the NHS is 75-years-old and the Windrush first arrived from the Caribbean in June that same year (both one year younger than us). Tomorrow is the 79th anniversary of the D-Day landings, which began the campaign to free mainland Europe. But let us not forget that two days ago Lesley won our article/review competition. Just how much excitement can a young boy like myself take? But yes, Lesley won the big prize and Sara and Sharif were the runners-up.


It was generally accepted that these were stand-out pieces, and Penny Stead our lovely adjudicator was applauded and thanked hugely. There were nine entries, but Ian was in a hurry so he grabbed his marked-up piece and escaped so we didn’t get to hear of Mrs Sugar-Bottom’s comments on Lloyd’s School Report. (I can assure you that she had been at the cooking sherry.) But a good night and we all had some great laughs and got to hear the winning entries read out in full. They were very good.


Next week is our end of season humorous competition. 400 words including the words Vessel, Slurp, Dictaphone, and Exquisite. Humorous if possible please. All to be read out on the evening, and voted on by those present, with two winners.


First and second. Before the readings though, we need to have a chat and vote on the attached motion to increase and make some amendments to, Cardiff Writers’ Circle constitution for changes to the membership, meetings and competition charges.


We hope this won’t take up much of the evening.


After the readings we shall have our party and mingling chat thing, so please bring along something to eat and drink.


See you all next week.



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