Workshop Blog 30/10/23

Hi everyone.

Returning from the West Country with (as I believed) plenty of time, I was disappointed to encounter ridiculous delays on the A4174 Bristle ring road, M32 and M4, to the extent that I needed to message our dear sweet and innocent treasurer – Jeff – to ask if he could please set the ship on its way, to which he readily agreed. We returned to our house roughly halfway through the meeting, by which time I had a thumping headache from all of the unnecessary delays and diversions. The result was that I had to simply lie down. And that is how I missed last night’s session, but it appears Jeff did an even better job and the meeting went spondiforously.

There were ten on the ZOOM call last night, and all present were able to read. I have no in-depth comments but my understanding is that all were received well. First up was Sarah, with a poem called It Isn’t. She was followed by Stephanie with two poems; Desert Hunt and October Symphony. Graham was next with the continuation of his tale for which I have no confirmed title, and then Angela read her flash fiction competition entry – All Change. Steve then read another section of his story The Temptation Of Jonathan Yorke, and he was followed by Nisha (a very welcome return) who also read a flash fiction, For Jim. Sharif then read a section of an untitled novel set in 1953. (Is this the one set within the last great smog I wonder?) Anyway, he was followed by Jeff himself, with two new poems, Turning Point and Making It Up. Next up was Ian, with a Lloyd-the-boy-who-wants-to-be-a-chef story but I don’t have the title; and Bruce closed the evening with a short story called Jasper And the Pope.

Entries for the flash fiction competition in please by November 6th. That’s next Monday. 250 words maximum. Any subject/genre/style. One entry £4 two entries £6. Paid-up members only. Email entries to please, and no names on the piece itself just the title, but a separate cover sheet with title, name of author, word count. Emily Garside is our adjudicator and she will perform her duties on Monday 4th December at the YMCA. And next week is of course in the YMCA Shakespeare Street.

As this is a very brief report, I shall tell you of a situation in Bristol zoo many years ago. A man applied for a job in the zoo, that had very little details in the advertisement. After a while the head keeper confided in him that the gorilla had died, and they needed someone to put on a gorilla suit and act the part until a replacement came. The head keeper told him what to do and the man accepted the cash-in-hand job. He was sitting in his cage eating bananas and flicking poo at the people watching him and he decided to be a little more adventurous. He began clambering about the cage and the trees and then decided to take a big swing. The audience was lapping this up, but when the man swung on a branch he misjudged his flight and flew right out of the cage into the cage next to him, with the lion. Seeing the lion he panicked and ran to the bars screaming and shouting to be released before he was eaten. The lion bounded over to the terrified man, put its head right by his, and said ‘Shut up you fool. You’ll get us both fired.’

We hope to hold an Open Mic at the Flute and Tankard early Dec. Will confirm v soon. Meanwhile there’s another one coming up: Open Mic on 25th November at The Gate in Roath. There will be a variety of poetic and musical planned performers followed by an Open Mic. It’s not-for-profit, and ticket sales go towards venue hire!


Byeeee, P.

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