Workshop Blog 4/12/23

Hi everyone.

This week we had our flash fiction competition adjudication, by the uber-talented Emily Garside. There were 11 present including Emily and Sam, a first-timer. EG chatted freely with the members about her own writing path and explained what she was looking for – mainly to be surprised by authors, and to find an entire story with characters plot and everything else, within such a limited word count. And she found it aplenty in the tales we supplied her with.

The winner was Eryl with still Ill. The two runners-up were David with Behind The Scenes and Jeff with time’s End.

EG also felt it necessary to make a few ‘highly commended’ comments. These were: The Dinner Date also by Eryl; Pie-Thagorus by Gill; and Research Into the Greatest Questions by Paul. (That last one was a surprise.) Not everyone had brought their entries along so we only got to hear Eryl’s winner and highly commended works; David’s Highly commended work and his other entry Spirit; Gill’s highly commended piece; and Paul’s highly commended work and his other entry The History of Transmat Beams Part 1. Everyone agreed that all the entries read were of an excellent standard.

We then heard from Sam our first-timer. Sam has a degree in English and Creative Writing, and is currently interested in micro-fiction or flash fiction, so he was very interested to hear the works read on the evening and Emily’s comments on all the pieces. Following a chat with Sam, we then had a Q&A session with Emily. Overall, she commented that larger publishers can be too distant personally as well as physically, whilst smaller businesses seem to take a greater interest in writers and their work. She mentioned a few issues and glaring errors as examples. A great and relaxed chat moved to and fro and everyone had a great time.

Please see attached pic of the winners and the adjudicator, courtesy of our great New Yorker friend Bruce. Please note a great evening of talk and Q&A with our very own Laura and Jen – ‘How I hooked an agent’. Especially interesting as they are both soon to be published. Sharif’s book has been put back slightly owing to a cover issue. Please keep your eyes on here and FB for updates.

And next week please bring food and drink and a humorous 500-word piece to read out on the evening. There’s a vote by those present and a prize. See you then.

Bestest all, P.

If you remember the Snakeskin essay I read at the YMCA eleven days ago, you know about my feelings for the Caritas Consort. They are having a concert this Saturday, starting at 3.00 p.m., at Nazareth House, Colum Road, Cardiff  CF10 3UN – there’s plenty of parking there, I’m told.

You can buy tickets via this link: – or at the door, £15 for adults and £5 for students.  All proceeds will go to the local Samaritans Branch and the Cardiff Foodbank.

Here is their website should you want to learn more about the Caritas Consort:

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